How To Sell Your Vintage Wrist Watch In Lecanto

Are you looking to sell your vintage wrist watch in Spring Hill, Florida? Vermillion Enterprises is always interested in buying certain vintage wrist watches.

We buy any kind of gold or silver watches; and we are always buying Rolex watches, but this articles isn’t about Rolex, we’ll get to Rolex later. Today we’re talking about watches you would find in jewelry boxes.

Brands Of Vintage Wrist Watches We Buy

We buy all sorts of vintage wrist watches but some of the brands we are most interested in include: Movado, Gucci, Seiko, Rado. These style watches are relatively modern with not a lot of collectability. Some of these watches may look like they are gold or silver, but they are only gold or silver plated; they are usually stainless steel. Despite the lack of silver or gold, we will happily buy these watches, unless they are absolutely wrecked, but don’t expect a large value to these style of wrist watches.

Just because your watch maybe broken doesn’t mean we won’t buy it. There is a whole market that is interested in broken or non-working watches, primarily for their parts. These watches get labeled as “parts watches.” There are watch repairers who that the only way they can obtain a certain parts is by taking them from one of these “parts watches.” So if your watch isn’t working, don’t think there isn’t any value, a watch repairer can most likely use your watch. Bring it on in.

Please keep in mind that just because your Movado cost $1000 at the jewelry shop doesn’t mean that you watch is worth $1000. Most watches are like cars and lose their value once they leave the store.

Vintage Wrist Watch Movements

Sometimes you will find that some middle-tier watches will have a higher value. That is because the cases of the watches contain silver or gold and are worth more than the watch as a whole. Movements will be taken out of these cases, the cases will be melted down for their silver or gold value, and the watch movements will be sold to watch repairers as, you guessed it, parts watches.

Vintage Collectible Pieces

Bullova, Longines, other 1960s – 1970s Automatic Day-Dates. These watches are usually gold plated. They don’t offer the most value in the watch realm but they do have collectability with watch collectors.

Longines, like Omegas, have fantastic collectability, especially if you still have the original packaging and paperwork. An unused Longines with it’s original packaging that retailed for around $195 usually go for about $300.

Continuing on the collectability line, there are some early Seiko chronographs and diver watches from the 1970s and early 1980s that can fetch some high returns. Keep an eye out for these gems.

The key to these 1960s – 1980s watches is that you want them to be automatic day-dates. Automatic meaning the watch doesn’t run off of a battery; day-date being that the watch has a complication that will give you the day and the date.


Other than the luxury watch brands, like Rolex and Breitling, you’re not going to get rich off of selling second-hand watches. It’s a nice side hustle, and you can earn yourself some quick cash from something that is just sitting in your jewelry box.

In your jewelry box you may also have some silver and gold laying around. If you are looking to get instant cash for gold or want to sell you vintage wrist watch come to Vermillion Enterprises in Spring Hill, Florida. We’ll be happy to take a look at what you have and make a cash offer if we’re interested.


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